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Our story


Supply of fish in certain seasons due to natural causes drops significantly and cannot be predicted. In terms of quality, consumers and restaurants have difficulties to find good quality fish. Frequently, consumers cannot tell whether the fish are properly or poorly bred. Some fish farmers "cheat" by feeding the fish with waste or feeding the fish before harvest to increase fish body weight. Under certain conditions, freshwater fish farmers are forced to sell fish at low prices because the market is over supply, otherwise prices can soar when fish supply is short. This situation is repeated every year and makes fish prices so volatile and unpredictable. The absence of accurate database also makes fish supply demand difficult to meet.

Fishlog Indonesia is present as an answer to these problems by providing fishery cold storage to farmers all over the country. Fishlog partners with fish farmers to assist in processing, storing and transporting fish. Using the cold storage, the farmers have options not to sell the fish when the price drops. And as we could keep the fish frozen, we could balance out the situation where the market is over or under supply, so the price will not fluctuate so much and implementing the fair price trading. The warehouse of food logistics that existed in Indonesia only dedicated to commodities like rice and meat, whereas farmed fish have same kind of problems.



To become the best company serving fish farmer clients all over Indonesia in post-production planning, managing, processing, logistics handling and marketing of the farmers' harvest in order that they get the best out of their fish farming.


Value proporsitions

Handling procedures

Fishlog develop several techniques which include better preservation, processing and storage of fish products. Fishlog partners with fish farmers to assist in processing, storing and transporting fish.

Integrated systems

Fishlog is responsible for fish logistics seafood safety from all handling position. Fishlog will be develop a mobile apps for traceability. Fishlog will educate the farmers to produce best fish.

New business models

Fishlog only does processing services. Fish that processed by Fishlog is still belongs to farmers. Farmers can sell their fish when the price is good. Fishlog help farmers to connects with buyers.

The problem in farm

Our solution

The impact

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